Enterprise Accreditation
and Assessment Management Platform

Built specifically for managing accreditation, assessment, and compliance by accrediting professionals. Whether you're an agency accrediting institutions or programs or an entity maintaining your accreditation, Jetpack has you covered. Jetpack is the only turnkey solution available that can be 100% configured to your accreditation process, giving you the power to retain your accreditation identity.

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accreditation management system


100% Configurable

Jetpack adapts to any accreditation process

Built solely for accreditation

A solution that doesn’t masquerade as something it’s not. Built to streamline and manage all aspects of accreditation

Direct submissions

Automated self-study reports and interim/annual reporting

Calendar/Scheduling/Timeline Management

Easily plan onsite and virtual visits

Conflict of Interest Management

Get alerts when conflicts are detected in the system

Dedicated, expert-level support

A dedicated support team that stays with your organization from requirements gathering to product launch and beyond

Transforming the Product Not the Process

No two accrediting processes are the same. While most software requires you to change how your accreditation process works to adapt to the confines of its architecture, VA’s Jetpack solution is the exact opposite. You’ll never have to sacrifice your process or data to achieve your end goal. Jetpack was developed explicitly for accreditors in order to streamline and simplify the accreditation process.

The Building Blocks of Accreditation Software

Jetpack is modularly constructed as a series of building blocks on a firm foundation, allowing you to change all the doors, windows, and rooms in whatever configuration you want while the foundation remains rock solid. Jetpack can be configured in any way possible without breaking or destroying its core functionality, whether those configurations come at the beginning of implementation or as upgrades, enhancements, or VA’s future releases.

Continually Anticipating Accreditation Needs

Working with accreditors and learning their individual processes has given us a leg-up in the software game and driven us to create the most intuitive accreditation management system on the market. With each implementation we add new features and consistently upgrade our clients, at no additional cost. Your installation of Jetpack will always be the latest, greatest version and will include functionality that you didn’t know you needed but are so glad is there.

Dedicated Support the Way You Need It

You need product support that not only handles bug fixes and updates, but operates as your extended technical team, mentoring and coaching you on how best to utilize the Jetpack software for your accreditation process. We offer the kind of support that makes an impact: knowledgeable, reliable, and steadfast in our commitment to you, your organization, and your accreditation process.

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An All Inclusive and Scalable Platform

Responsive Architecture

Fully accessible from popular devices and operating systems.

Information Management

Organizations/Institutions can easily input, update, and upload information on an ongoing basis.

Bungee Integration

Easily integrate with Bungee to readily access your organization’s data and surveys.

Dynamic Reporting

College/School users can produce and save graphical data reports.


Self-Study Management

Build, create, manage, edit all aspects of a self-study on an ongoing basis.

Benchmark Reporting

Filter data and run descriptive statistics for benchmark reports of institution, peer, and national data.

Access Management

Set up and manage appropriate access hierarchy for each institution. Keep a record of every organization that you accredit or have a relationship with, including key contacts, accreditation history, custom fields, and much more.


Self-Study Report Management

Create, update, and submit online self-study reports and other custom accreditation reports with controlled access.

Automatic User Sign-up, Approval Management & Intelligent Funneling

Users can sign up automatically. Their request will be routed to the proper approver with oversight.

Email Messaging

Send one or mass emails to users in the system. This includes template management, personalized email account integration, and tracking.


Self-Study Import

Map legacy data to the online system.

Conflict-of-Interest Management

Get alerts and notifications when the system detects conflicts-of-interest.

Letters & Certification Management

Create, manage, and issue official letters and certificates.

Calendar & Visit Management

Plan your onsite or virtual visit and manage all aspects of accreditation deadlines in one master calendar view.



Set up automatic alerts and notifications based on specific events/actions in the system.


Quickly restore earlier text edits.

Substantive Change Reporting

Keep the accrediting agency informed of significant changes to academic programs, instructional sites, etc.

Collaboration Tools

Assign particular tasks and deadlines to users, communicate through the system, and monitor task progress.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Jetpack

We've had a great experience. The software is easy to use and the assigned team at Virtual Atlantic is always there to answer questions or walk you through issues. We love the direct contact with the experts who built the system.

- Stephanie S.

I love the system and the relationship I've developed with Virtual Atlantic. They have a stellar team of developers plus an institutional research pro on staff who helped develop the system and provided immeasurable guidance to my staff throughout the implementation process.

- Jennifer R.

Nothing but positive experiences. We've used the software for a few years and have been able to make upgrades based on our changing criteria. The process has been really collaborative with Virtual Atlantic and they've offered us a lot of guidance which has been great.

- Robert W.

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